Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tonight is the classic seminar, YOUR LIFECYCLES!

YOUR LIFECYCLES are YOUR KEY to open the lock of your destiny.
Follow your inner cycles and discover your own path to achieve what you desire, flow with the ever-changing energy cycles of your body, mind and spirit.
On To 2011 and YOUR New Cycle~ Yes, we are entering a New Cycle.
The planetary energies, patterns and shifts point in this direction.
To the degree that we are in sync with our own unique energies, is the degree we will be able to truly avail ourselves of the magic pulsing through them.
The emphasis is now on taking part in your own life in a more dynamic and proactive way, and be open and ready for this year to be a dynamic one for you.
As we embrace this New Cycle, we must align ourselves by exerting our personal will, in a conscious way that embraces and stabilizes the natural rhythms of life, as this is the current of the creator~ the Pulse of Life itself.
“Rhythm is the carrier of Life.” ~Rudolph Steiner
Cost: $25.00 Contact Laurie: 719.531.5768 or 866 BIOEMED Location: 2207 W. Colorado Ave.

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